The great Betty Dodson on ‘In Our Control’

Some advance praise for the book:

Dodson calls the book a “must read” and writes:

Wow! I finally got around to reading Laura Eldridge’s book “In Our Control” The Complete Guide to Contraceptive Choices for Women and I couldn’t put it down. Sure I’ve known that women controlling our own reproduction is political. But reading Laura’s history about contraception blew my mind. It’s all about men and their womb envy.

As a long term very satisfied user of the diaphragm, I often wondered why it fell out of use. Well, it’s obvious to me now. It’s the fuckless pharmaceutical companies greedy for more money even if it endangers women lives! Every woman needs to rethink the pill. Are we so lazy and so out of touch with our bodies that can’t insert a diaphragm? We need an army of Barbara Seamans to take on this heartless industry.


About Laura Eldridge

Laura is a New York based women’s health writer and activist. When Laura was a women’s studies student at Barnard College she started working with the legendary author and feminist Barbara Seaman. Barbara’s 1969 classic, The Doctors’ Case Against the Pill, warned women about the potential dangers of oral contraceptives. Despite Barbara’s advice, Laura kept taking “The Pill” until she was in her late twenties. By that time, she was experience life-disrupting mood swings, weight gain, irregular bleeding, increased PMS and missed periods. Even though she had been researching and writing about hormone drugs for years, it wasn’t until then that she realized the impact the pill was having on her life and decided to make a change. When Barbara died in 2008, Laura decided to make it her mission to broaden the birth control conversation once again. The pill is a remarkable tool that works wonderfully for some women. And it causes terrible and even life-threatening problems for others. Every woman is different and we deserve equally varied contraceptive choices. So let’s talk about what’s out there, what shouldn’t be and what innovations we should be working to make a reality.
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